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waters meters on a wall - generated by Stable Diffusion

Conserving resources is an important topic and always worth pursuing. The current energy prices and inflation just add a higher monetary incentive for everyone to make more effort. I took this as a trigger to see if and how much water, especially warm water, I can save in my household. As with all improvement projects, you need to know your current baseline before you can measure any improvements. The nice, but impractible solution Ideally, I would want a continous measurement of my water usage, so every change can be tracked. The usual analog water meters are not ideal for this task, but it is not too complicated to set up an ESP32 with an ESPcam to digitize the meters. A little bit of machine learning to detect the numbers and the spinning wheel will give very precise readings throughout the whole day. Unfortunately, this setup is not practible as I…

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The old, static website became harder and harder to maintain, so I finally switched to using a CMS. WordPress offers some nice options but it is also frustrating to lose the full control over the page layout and effects. Overall, it should still make the page much easier to update in the future. As a bonus, the update also fixes the broken responsive design of the old page.