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Like many others, I have a Bosch POF 1400 ACE router. It’s a popular hand-held router because it is quite cheap and decent quality for DIY use. Being Bosch green (“DIY home user”) rather than blue (“professional”), it does not come in an L-Boxx but its own plastic case instead. L-Boxxes are popular container system by Bosch based on the Sortimo containers. Many of my other mobile tools are already in L-Boxxes, so it would be handy to have the router in one too and fit all of my most-used accessories. For the POF 1400, the largest L-Boxx size 4 (also known as L-Boxx 374) has a good height to fit a router and accessories. The router itself needs a fixture to rest in or on, the odd-shaped accessory parts need custom holders and router bits should be stored in a hole array. There seem to be no commercial inserts…

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