Projects (old)

This page will document a couple of neat projects that I’ve done over the past years, mainly electronics and some woodworking. Unfortunately, there is not much time beside astronomy and athletics, so it will take me some time to write documentation and upload it here. The first project to be shown here will be a weather station/home monitoring system with persistent logging of several sensors indoors (CO2, temperature, pressure, humidity, brightness, home server load/temperatures/network statistics, …) and outdoors (temperature, humidity, brightness, …).
Once I find the time, I will add more projects and documentation. Also check my GitHub profile which might be more up to date (link in the footer).



A room/outdoor climate logger with sensors, InfluxDB and Grafana on a Raspberry Pi. Version 1.5 has an advanced logging setup using my home server. Version 2 is currently in progress and will have custom-made hardware built around an ESP32 micro controller.

rsync backup

A guide on how to automatically pull backups from a server onto a Synology NAS whenever the NAS is turned on.

Homeserver power monitoring

Monitoring the power draw and related metrics of my homeserver with a TP-Link HS110 smart plug.

Banner image: Test setup of homeclimate V1 as it sat on my desk for a while until I finally started designing my own PCBs.