Scripts and code that might help others

This page will contain the source code to some of my scripts and projects. These are all very simple but may be convenient for somebody else. For now, this page is just a placeholder.

  • APLpy plotting functions

    The APLpy python package produces publication grade images of fits file but setting up a plot may need a lot of lines of codes. There also is no option to plot channel maps like the one below in a simple way. Therefore, I wrote a python package of wrapper function for four often used tasks: plotting channel maps, grids of plots, pV diagrams and just a simple figure to get an impression of the dataset.

    Source code and more information on Github: aplpy_plotting by GiantMolecularCloud


  • VNC Connector

    A little Apple script program that builds a ssh tunnel to connect via VNC, all in one click. Apparently, no available VNC viewer (like Chicken or TightVNC) can open ssh tunnels before trying to connect but both steps need to be done by hand. VNC Connector offer one-click tunneling and viewing (via the Apple Screen Sharing app) from a user-defined list of servers. (Will be on Github when I find the time to clean up the code.)

  • sshfs_connect

    Another Apple script to mount remote filesystems over ssh (using sshfs). Basically, it's just a GUI wrapper for a terminal two-liner but more convenient to run. (Will be on Github when I find the time to clean up the code.)

  • ...