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For several years already, I own a Creality Ender 3 V2 printer. I upgraded it with a few parts here and there, a built-in Raspberry Pi for Octoprint, stiffer bed leveling springs, built-in lights and so on. My main focus are technical parts, mostly designed myself in Fusion 360, so the majority of my prints are single color models and the occasional multi-color print by switching filaments at a fixed layer height. Recently, I finally wanted to try real multi-color printing with color changes in a layer.The new box I need for my UNO game came in handy as a test subject. The model has a nice logo inlayed into the top lid and is inteded for multi-color printing. To get such a print to work, the slicer needs to be set up correctly. The trick is to tell the slicer that multiple extruders for multiple colors are available and…

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