I'm a PhD student in my forth (and final) year as an IMPRS student at the Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg. As a member of Fabian Walter’s group, I work on star formation in extreme environments, such as the nuclear starburst in NGC 253, in the Galactic center or in high-redshift galaxies.

In this research group at MPIA, I started working in 2013 on multi-scale cleaning in radio interferometric imaging for my bachelor's thesis and carried out several projects as a research assistant ("HiWi"). These projects included data reduction and imaging of VLA observations that targeted nearby galaxies in atomic hydrogen (HI). Since 2015, I am a member of the SWAG team (Survey of Water and Ammonia in the Galactic Center), for which I developed calibration and imaging pipelines as part of my master's thesis (2016). Furthermore, I derived new, detailed gas temperature maps from ammonia hyperfine structure fitting of the Central Molecular Zone of the Galactic Center to test and confirm the hypothesis of a triggered star formation sequence. During the work for my PhD thesis, I became an expert on reducing and imaging complex ALMA observations such as the 2 pc imaging of the starbursting center of NGC253.

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Nico Krieger
PhD student

Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
Königstuhl 17
69117 Heidelberg

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